One of Fifteen

So why is the Blog called One of Fifteen? Well that’s a long answer, a very long one,in fact it’s that long it goes back to March 1996 and this Blog will hopefully explore the reason(s) why I am writing about my health.

Life threatening surgery on 7th October 2015 at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh saved my life. The surgery was too remove a massive tumour from the wall of my chest.

A month later, I received the phone call from my  consultant oncologist that completely changed my life as it was to discuss the findings and results from the several pathologists that examined the tumour. The story of the tumour being passed around the UK and then to the USA to be diagnosed, is for another time.

I was told that it was a rare tumour called a malignant myopericytoma. I then was told that the tumour weighed 10lbs and the size of this was 25 centimetres in circumference. Then after all that, I was then told that I am only 1 of 15 people worldwide with this rare form of cancer.

Thank you for following my Blog and my social media sites. It’s with your help and support that will hopefully help me find the #14others worldwide with this rare cancer.

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