At the Inverkeithing Medical Centre

At the Inverkeithing Medical Centre for an appointment with one of the nurses. Basically I’m getting an injection on my backside! This is a routine appointment I have every 12 weeks and it’s only 5 minutes or so away from the house. This has been my medical practice for the majority of my life. MyContinue reading “At the Inverkeithing Medical Centre”

Thank You

When my oncologist was doing her ward rounds on Monday 11th September 2017, I was told that I would be able to go home. The discharge would be the following day Tuesday 12th September 2017. After hearing this news, I called Kirsty to let her know. I also made arrangements with Stuart to come andContinue reading “Thank You”

Today’s visitors in Ward 4 at the Western General Hospital Edinburgh 

My oldest son @JackONeil90 & his girlfriend Heather came to see me in the Ward. It was really great to see the both of them. Jack stayed a few days with me, Kirsty and wee Nathan before I was admitted in here, again.I didn’t really get the chance to say cheerio on Sunday to himContinue reading “Today’s visitors in Ward 4 at the Western General Hospital Edinburgh “