The Spirit of Radio – From Inverkeithing to Bogota

A Belated Happy New Year and all the best for 2018

First of all, a belated Happy New Year to everyone that has been following One of Fifteen on this Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I would also like to thank everyone for supporting me and following me.

One person though that deserves a special thank you is the lovely, Lucy Jordache. For those who don’t know Lucy, she manages my all time favourite band Marillion.

Myself and Lucy follow each other on Twitter and Facebook, but on Hogmanay I was delighted to see the following ‘tweet’ from her:

Happy New Year. I hope we all have a happy and healthy 2018 and I hope @oneoffifteen15 finds the other 14:)

The response to that tweet really was amazing. Thank you Lucy and thank you everyone that has retweeted it. Also I would like to thank everyone that has recently started to follow me on either this Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc as a direct result of Lucy’s tweet.

It was my original intention to have this entry on my Blog on New Year’s Day, however, my health took a wee bit of a turn. Thankfully I am a bit better now and my motivation is back, so I hope you enjoy this latest Blog entry.

The Spirit of Radio – From Inverkeithing to Bogota

I can remember the first time I heard the song The Spirit of Radio by the Canadian rock trio Rush. I must have been around 11 or 12 years old at the time and it was on BBC Radio One’s The Friday Rock Show hosted by the rock DJ at the time, the late Tommy Vance.

This would have been around 1980/81 and it was my older brother John that introduced me to The Friday Rock Show and Rush. I remember saying to John at the time, “so you didn’t tell me that band has a woman singing for them”! Him and his mate Paul, were of course laughing at me saying that! So ok I, how was I to know that the singer/bass player was a guy called Geddy Lee! Rush went on to be one of my all time favourite bands and The Spirit of Radio one of my all time favourite songs.

Following my appearance early December 2017 on BBC Radio Scotland’sThe Kaye Adams Programme, I received a request to be interviewed on BBC – Radio 5 live. I was asked if I could do a telephone interview live at 11:10pm on Wednesday 13th December 2017 (this was the day after the Kaye Adams Programme). I was up for doing this interview as this could have been my debut U.K. wide radio interview. Of course as fate would have it though, I turned it down as I had been ill all day.

I have posted already about The Kaye Adams Programme. So I have attached the link for the interview and also a link for a video I was asked to be in for the programmes social media etc.

This link below is how the BBC wwebsite reported on my condition.

This link is for a video interview from The Kaye Adams Programme Facebook page.

For the interview with myself and Kaye, it is on the file below and just press play. This will mean that you don’t have to go on the BBC website or iplayer.

BBC Radio 5 live really would have been a good one to go on, but the producer I was dealing with said that they would be in touch again. I really do hope that this will happen.

I had another couple of media requests, one was another radio interview, this time it was to go on W Radio who are based in Bogota Columbia. The other request was to see if I was interested in a documentary about me and my illness and the One of Fifteen campaign.

So my international radio debut took place one Monday 18th December 2017 with W Radio. I took the phone call around 7.35pm from the radio stations international producer Grace Acosta and she explained what would happen during the interview. Then it was live on air and I was interviewed by Vicky Davila. I have done telephone interviews before to some radio stations, but this was a totally unique experience. Vicky Davila in my opinion was an excellent presenter, she would talk to me in English then she would translate to listeners in Columbia. A Facebook friend from Rio de Janeiro got in touch after the interview to say that she was really impressed by Vicky Davila’s interview style and translation. Also that I came across well in the interview.

Well, I will let you make you own mind up as the link below takes you right to the actual interview. It lasts roughly around 5-6 minutes.

As for appearing in a documentary! I received an email from an independent filmmaker that specialises in making documentaries. At this stage I wont say his name, as he has currently looking into the feasibility of making such a documentary. Also he is also looking in financing this project as well.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone for your continued support. Just a reminder, you will find One of Fifteen on:

Facebook: One of Fifteen
Twitter: @oneoffifteen15
Instagram: one_of_fifteen
YouTube: One of Fifteen

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like further information.


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I am 1 of only 15 people worldwide diagnosed with maligant myopericytoma. Life threatening surgery in October 2015 at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh saved my life. I am now trying to find the #14others diagnosed with this rare form of cancer. Please help me.

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