My Wife Kirsty Really Amazes Me: One of Fifteen at the Edinburgh Kiltwalk.

I’ve spoken many many times before about my ‘Amazing’ wife Kirsty and I really do mean that. My illness doesn’t just effect me it has a bearing on family life and those closest and living through it with me.
I’m fortunate that I’ve had the support of my wife and family throughout my illness and in darker days Kirsty is usually the one to get me through.
She’s great at knowing the tell tale signs when I have ‘pain flare up’ and often tells me to ‘go to bed’ before my mouth is opened!
With everything she does on a daily basis,(going to work, being a brilliant mother to wee Nathan, doing practically everything around the house and making sure that I am ok and looking after me) but I couldn’t be more proud when after talking about setting a challenge, Kirsty announced she was determined to do the Edinburgh Kiltwalk in September 2018!
I would love to join her and many years ago we would walk most weekends and have done various charity challenges. Sadly I won’t be able to complete the 26 miles she has signed up for.
But could you?
Kirsty has started a team under One of Fifteen and would love if anyone would like to join her either buddying up to train (coming weeks and months) but more importantly on the day itself which is Sunday 16th September.
We decided together to raise funds in support of Maggie’s Centres. I’ve used both Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy centre’s and I find them to be a world of support, friendly and the staff unassuming yet ready with answers to the many questions through our journey. Kirsty took a lot from the ‘Carers’ course although she would never accept that she is my carer!
The centres require funds to assist with set up and staffing costs, also for provisions for the many courses they offer (most free of charge) to those diagnosed and friends and family members of people who have this horrible disease.
You can support Kirsty and One of Fifteen by signing up for the Kiltwalk or by sponsoring Kirsty at
Any and all donations are welcome.
A little support goes a long way and I appreciate all the likes and support on the page.
Please feel do contact me via the contact page for further information or, if you want to join #TeamOneofFifteen
Best wishes

Published by One of Fifteen

I am 1 of only 15 people worldwide diagnosed with maligant myopericytoma. Life threatening surgery in October 2015 at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh saved my life. I am now trying to find the #14others diagnosed with this rare form of cancer. Please help me.

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