Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Good morning and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 🇨🇮 everyone and I hope that you all have a great day.

The people that know me and my family’s background will know that I was brought up in a traditional Roman Catholic Family. I was even an alter boy for many years.

When it came to my confirmation, I picked Patrick as my confirmation name after St Patrick. My brother-law Patrick was my ‘sponsor’ at the confirmation mass. I also picked St Patrick due to the proud Irish background of my family and family name.

St Patrick was also my favourite Saint when we were learning all about the saints at school and mass.

I actually stopped going to mass many years ago now. I still go for weddings, funerals, baptism’s etc and I still have some strong beliefs.

I still pray now and then, especially during the many many times I have been ill and being an in/out patient through out the years .

This link below is for a brief story about St Patrick. To those out and about today and celebrating today, enjoy. I don’t drink much these days, but I will have a Guinness or 2.


Best wishes



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