What a beautiful morning. I have just arrived @nhsfife  Queen Margaret Hospital in sunny Dunfermline for an appointment with the Pain Team. This morning I see my physiotherapist so I am intrigued to see how this appointment will go as I have given all my background information, pain details, list of medications etc at the last twoContinue reading “PAIN CLINIC – DUNFERMLINE QUEEN MARGARET HOSPITAL”

STV2 Live at Five Interview: Wednesday 4th April 2018

On Wednesday 4th April 2018, I was a guest on the Scottish Television 2(STV2) channel’s programme; Live at Five. I was invited on to talk about my One Of Fifteen social media campaign; why I set it up, what its about and if it has been successful. Also to discuss the tumour that was operatedContinue reading “STV2 Live at Five Interview: Wednesday 4th April 2018”


Thank God For The Internet I was originally going to call this entry: The Power Of The Internet. But then I found myself singing along to the Marillion song in the back of mind, Interior Lulu from the 1999 album ‘In our racing stripes We rejoice at being “connected” Without touching Thank god forContinue reading “THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET”