A while ago I was talking to my good mate Stuart about ‘doctor’s appointment’s’ and what goes on in peoples minds while waiting to being seen. You know what it’s usually like when sitting in the waiting room at the local GP practice or waiting room in a hospital, it’s usually quite full of other people waiting to be seen, usually quiet and sometimes kids playing.

I remember saying to Stuart that how funny it would be that when I’ve been called by the ‘doctor’ to go and see him or her and then burst through the doors singing the first verse of the classic track by the rock band UFO:

Doctor, doctor, please
Oh, the mess I’m in
Doctor, doctor, please
Oh, the mess I’m in

I love a good laugh but I’m afraid I couldn’t really do it.



Anyway, the last week has been an interesting one for me and the O’Neil household here in sunny Inverkeithing. It started of last Monday, 23rd April 2018 with a 09:00 appointment at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy.

This appointment was my first time at the Neurology Clinic to see Dr Saturno for her Neurology Botox Clinic. I have waited ages for this appointment so I was making sure that I did not miss it. I actually was supposed to have my first appointment with Dr Saturno at her clinic in August 2017, but that had to be cancelled. It was cancelled then due to me being admitted to one of the oncology wards at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

I was in the Western General for roughly 21 days and that was a stressful time for myself, Kirsty and my family as I was going through a series of scans and something was ‘found’. At one point, Kirsty was starting to plan her life without me due to some of the results we received then. I am so thankful that I got through that ‘scare’ at the time and that I’m still here. At one point I had even picked what songs I wanted at my funeral. Naturally a Marillion song was picked, but would my fellow Marillio’s know what song I had picked? Go on, have a guess and let me know which one you thought I would choose, I will even throw a prize in for the first one who got it right!

Back to my appointment with Dr Saturno, so a good 8 months later, I would finally get my botox injections. A wait for 8 months, that just goes to show you how many people the doctor and this clinic see’s for treatment.
When we first met we discussed my case briefly as she was up to date with it. Then the doctor explained that I would be receiving 2 botox injections into a nerve on my right shoulder and that would help with the pain from the area that a significant part of my right shoulder blade was cut out.

I am usually good with injections, however, I certainly could feel the needle going into the nerve and then I could feel the botox going in the nerve. It wasn’t a particularly painful experience, but you knew something was happening. It took a wee while for the botox to go in and then came injection 2. This was very much the same as the first injection, you knew that something was happening.Then that was it, including reading and signing my consent form, the appointment was under 10 minutes. I couldn’t help laughing at one point, the doctor asked me what was wrong and I had told her that “I cant stop thinking about…Your So Vain by Carly Simon”.

The area where I had these injections feels really good now and completely different. I go back in August for my next appointment.



Around lunchtime on Tuesday 24th April 2018, I had an appointment with a member of staff from Save the Children at Nathan’s nursery. The reason for this interview is quite simple, I go to a 2hr session on a Friday lunchtime at the nursery called Families Connect.

Families Connect is a programme that Fife Council is in partnership with Save the Children. The programme I am on is the first time that Save the Children have ever had a purely men’s group across the whole of Scotland. It’s aimed at new dad’s and the first hour is theory based issues around bringing up our children. The second hour our kids join us and help us with making various things.

I really think it is a really good programme for new parents. When it came to my interview, I ended up being interviewed for a good hour and a half. Once the interview had finished I then picked up Nathan to take him home.



Wednesday 25th April 2018: Wee Nathan had been sick throughout the night a good few times. He was that poorly there was no way that he would be fit enough to go to nursery, so Kirsty called to say that he wouldn’t be in.

I had made arrangements with Sky TV for a couple of engineers to come out as we were experiencing problems with the Sky Box Hard Drive. The engineers called me around 09:00 to say that they would be with us within the next 10 minutes if I was ok with that. I jumped at it as I was originally booked in for the engineers to come between 12:00 and 17:00.

So the Sky Engineers had turned up and Nathan was sitting on a settee all covered up and all comfy, but feeling rotten. When the engineers were getting on with their work Nathan was chatting away, then suddenly he was being sick. It really was a shame but it was a matter of being quick to get him cleaned up and clean up the mess made with him being sick.

It wasn’t that much later that I started to feel lousy myself, so I had an early night.



In the early hours of Thursday 26th April 2018, Kirsty suddenly woke and hurried to the bathroom. That was Kirsty’s turn to be a victim of the sickness bug. Then roughly less than thirty minutes after Kirsty was sick, it was my time to get in the action. I can recall that I wasn’t quick enough to make it to the toilet pan and lift the lid to be sick. No, the sickness was that quick and violent I ended up being sick in the bath.

Everyone that reads this will know what its like to be sick, so I wont go into any detail about it. From the early hours of Thursday morning to about 08:00 I was violently sick several times. Every time I was sick I would be in a lot of pain. At times it was complete agony and that was due to the wrenching and lack of rib cage.

Due to the pain that I was in, Kirsty called our local medical centre to arrange a home visit by a GP. It really wasn’t that long after Kirsty had been on the phone to the medical centre when the duty doctor game to see me. I was in my bed when the GP arrived.

When the GP came into my room to see me, myself and Kirsty were telling him what would happen when being sick and the pain I as in. We explained that due to the lack of ribs in my body, I would be in complete agony while bringing up whatever!

The next thing I knew, the GP was right into his bag for a syringe, needle and a bottle of anti sickness medication. Once I was ready and when the GP was ready it was then time for the anti sickness injection. So the injection this time was on my backside. The injection itself was fine, yes I could feel the needle going in, but it was ok. I could feel the needle, but I could also feel the anti sickness going into my body.

When the GP left I had then dosed off for a sleep. This injection worked a treat and I stopped being sick. The rest of the day was spent in my bed as I was exhausted, in agony and drained (a horrible feeling being drained).

It wasn’t until Saturday morning that I started to feel that I was really getting over the sickness. I felt that good that I managed to get out of the house and get some groceries and essentials.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and please feel free to comment either here or my Facebook page: One of Fifteen. I also tweet at: @oneoffifteen15

Best wishes


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I am 1 of only 15 people worldwide diagnosed with maligant myopericytoma. Life threatening surgery in October 2015 at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh saved my life. I am now trying to find the #14others diagnosed with this rare form of cancer. Please help me.

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