Several months ago, I received an email from a new health website called; allicantellyou.comThe people behind this website were aware of my rare cancer story and my determination to raise awareness of Malignant Myopericytoma. They were also aware that this is an extremely rare type of cancer and how rare it actually is.

The sender of the email asked me if it would be possible if I could send them roughly 1500 words about the cancer and my One of Fifteen social media campaign. I was delighted that they had got in touch with me and I replied back to them almost instantly.

In my reply, I asked them what the deadline date was and that I would actually struggle to be able to fully tell my story in 1500 words. I stated that it could take up to something like 2000 words to give a full account.

Before going to Turkey on holiday with my family in July, I emailed my article back to them along with several photos of myself during the period that the tumour was growing. I also included some photographs from the operation and the massive tumour the surgical team removed.

You will be able to find this article at:


I was fortunate that a friend of the family was at Prog in the Park to film Afterglow. John is the brother-in-law of Afterglow singer Peter McDonagh and I have known him and his family for roughly 40 years now.

I am so grateful that John was able to capture on video sets from; Altres; Afterglow; Alan Reed and the Daughters of Expediency and StillMarillion. Unfortunately he was unable to film Noddy’s Puncture as he had to eat. John did manage to capture Peter and Alan doing a great acoustic version of Peter Gabriel’sBiko from the ‘wee stage’. 

Due to the size of the files, some of the bands sets are on either two of three videos lasting between 30 to 40 odd minutes. I have started to put all the sets onto the Prog in the Park YouTube page. 

So first up on YouTube from the LIVE FROM THE PROG IN THE PARK series is – StillMarillion (Part 1) that was added roughly a week ago.

Then from what I am calling – the Live from the Prog in the Park series is –  StillMarillion (Part 2)

You will also be able to find – Live from Prog in the Park – StillMarillion (Part 3)

You will also find: – Live from Prog in the Park – Alan Reed and Peter McDonagh – Biko

The sets from Altres; Afterglow and Alan Reed and the Daughters of Expediency are also on the Prog in the Park YouTube page. However, I will be amending these, sometime.


This is just a wee reminder on where you can find the One of Fifteen campaign.

Website: –

Facebook: –

Twitter: – @oneoffifteen15

Instagram: – one_of_fifteen

Once again, thank you for following this website and also my social media accounts. Please ask your social media ‘pals’ to also follow these accounts. You see the more people I have following then the more likely I am to find more people with Malignant Myopericytoma .

Until the next time,

Kevin O’Neil

Published by One of Fifteen

I am 1 of only 15 people worldwide diagnosed with maligant myopericytoma. Life threatening surgery in October 2015 at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh saved my life. I am now trying to find the #14others diagnosed with this rare form of cancer. Please help me.

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