Merry Christmas everyone to you and your family. I hope that where ever you are and whatever your circumstances are, that you all have a good day when it’s here.

Due to the terrible year that 2020 turned out for all of us, so much has been made of what we can do, who we can see and when we can see them. I am so fortunate that I will be with the most important people in my life, my wife Kirsty and sons, Nathan and Jack.

I hope that when you are all celebrating Christmas that you can just pause for a few moments to reflect on those people that will be on their own for so many reasons.

Please also think about all of the public service workers that will be working over the festive period keeping us safe. One group of workers I always think about are everyone in our National Health Service.

All of us have had to endure the many challenges that Covid-19 has thrown at us and we have all had to adapt to many changes effecting how we life.

Many people will know that I spent 9 weeks in hospital earlier this year. At the end of March, one of the GP’s at the Inverkeithing Medical Practice came out to the house after Kirsty had called them. I ended up in an ambulance and ruched to the Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy (VHK). I ended up spending a week in there with pneumonia.

Only 2 weeks later, I was back in the VHK for 2 days before being transferred to the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh (RIE). I ended up spending 8 weeks on Ward 102, and at times the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

I ended up being really ill with Sepsis and I have been left a rare chest infection called Staphylococcuss Lugdrenesis. I have already written about this, but what I left out was that on 3 separate occasions Kirsty received phone calls to say that I was that ill, I ‘might not make it through the night’!

I will never be able to thank all of the staff that not only saved me, but got me back on my feet. But I did manage to send a gift to the staff on the ward for what they did for me and my family. Thanks to them I am here and able to celebrate Christmas with my family.

My ill health and health journey, has made me appreciate and value life more than ever. It has also made me appreciate Kirsty and everything she does for me and our family even more.

Please have a Merry Christmas and that you and your family are able to have a great day, where ever you are and what restrictions that we are all facing.

I came across this amazing piece of festive art by Stuart Crouch Creative. This really sums up what I feel about 2020 and moving into 2021.

Thank you Stuart for giving me permission to use this piece of art. It really does sum up how this year has been and we can only hope that there is some ‘light at the end of tunnel’ sometime in 2021.

Merry Christmas everyone and all the best to you and yours.

Published by One of Fifteen

I am 1 of only 15 people worldwide diagnosed with maligant myopericytoma. Life threatening surgery in October 2015 at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh saved my life. I am now trying to find the #14others diagnosed with this rare form of cancer. Please help me.

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