Merry Christmas everyone to you and your family. I hope that where ever you are and whatever your circumstances are, that you all have a good day when it’s here. Due to the terrible year that 2020 turned out for all of us, so much has been made of what we can do, who weContinue reading “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

Jack on Five Live @SNP Conference Sunday 7 October 2018

My oldest son Jack is in Glasgow the next few days for the SNP Conference. Earlier this morning, Jack let me know that he was going to be part of a small group in a radio interview on Five Live with John Pineaar. So just like any other proud parent, I recorded Jacks interview. JustContinue reading “Jack on Five Live @SNP Conference Sunday 7 October 2018”

Thank You

When my oncologist was doing her ward rounds on Monday 11th September 2017, I was told that I would be able to go home. The discharge would be the following day Tuesday 12th September 2017. After hearing this news, I called Kirsty to let her know. I also made arrangements with Stuart to come andContinue reading “Thank You”