A DATE TO REMEMBER The original idea was to post that this on Monday 7 October 2015, but due to the school holidays and fatigue, this is a date that I will always remember. Exactly four years ago was the day when a team of amazing people carried out surgery on me to save myContinue reading “FOUR YEARS”


Several months ago, I received an email from a new health website called; allicantellyou.comThe people behind this website were aware of my rare cancer story and my determination to raise awareness of Malignant Myopericytoma. They were also aware that this is an extremely rare type of cancer and how rare it actually is. The senderContinue reading “ALL I CAN TELL YOU”


Prog in the Park It’s been a while since I have updated this site and please excuse me for this. What happened was straight after the successful Prog in the Park (PITP) indoor Prog Rock festival, I celebrated my 50th birthday 2 days later. Then I was down in Manchester for a MacMillan Cancer SupportContinue reading “DOING IT FOR CHARITY”


Hi and thank you for continuing to support my One of Fifteen, rare cancer Malignant Myopericytoma social media campaign. I am really conscious that I haven’t put anything on this site for a wee while. It’s down to a whole range of reasons that I haven’t been on the ball with this site and myContinue reading “MARILLION WEEKEND MARCH 2019 & PROG IN THE PARK”


Photo: Me and Janice Malone from MacMillan Cancer Care on Friday 1 February 2019 at Louie Brown’s Dalgety Bay Fife. WORLD CANCER DAY – MONDAY 4 FEBRUARY 2019 Monday 4 February is World Cancer Day, a global effort to raise awareness of all types of cancer and to encourage prevention, detection, and treatment. Taking place under the tagline ‘We can.Continue reading “WORLD CANCER DAY – MONDAY 4 FEBRUARY 2019”


THE UK’S ONLY DEDICATED MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL BEING TV PROGRAMME On Monday night I appeared on The Chrissy B Show. This was shown at 10pm on Sky Channel 191 mytv. This is the only tv programme in the UK dedicated to mental health and well being. I received an email from Chrissy with the link toContinue reading “MONDAY NIGHT’S TV APPEARANCE”

Just A Wee Update

Thank You Thank you so much to everyone that has recently either viewed this page, or liked it. I hope that you find my insight into living with an extremely rare cancer – Malignant Myopericytoma – and – Severe Chronic Pain interesting. I would also like to thank everyone that has liked this page andContinue reading “Just A Wee Update”


WAKANDA FOREVER A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION It was Kirsty’s birthday last week and her parents very kindly had wee Nathan at their house so that we could enjoy a rare night out together to celebrate. Kirsty had suggested going over to Edinburgh, catch a movie and then have a drink and something to eat. We wentContinue reading “WAKANDA FOREVER”

STV2 Live at Five Interview: Wednesday 4th April 2018

On Wednesday 4th April 2018, I was a guest on the Scottish Television 2(STV2) channel’s programme; Live at Five. I was invited on to talk about my One Of Fifteen social media campaign; why I set it up, what its about and if it has been successful. Also to discuss the tumour that was operatedContinue reading “STV2 Live at Five Interview: Wednesday 4th April 2018”