LIFE IN CHRONIC PAIN PART 2 WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? This looks at when I was first diagnosed with a para-spinal tumour, after being mis-diagnosed for 3 and a half years. The how my medical care was then passed on to the Western General Hospital Edinburgh.


  BRAVE When I see my Oncologist for a routine appointment, one of the first questions I usually get is, “So then Kevin, how have you been and how’s the pain?” Dr Sara Erridge at the Western General Hospital (WGH) Edinburgh, has been my oncologist from December 2011. Its fair too say that we have … Continue reading BRAVE

What were you doing two years ago?

I actually wrote this yesterday Sunday 8th October 2017 and I have finally got round to posting this. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, comments etc then please don’t be shy. Kev 09/10/2017 If we were to be asked, “what were you doing two years ago”, would you remember? Most times … Continue reading What were you doing two years ago?