Hi and thank you for continuing to support my One of Fifteen, rare cancer Malignant Myopericytoma social media campaign. I am really conscious that I haven't put anything on this site for a wee while. It's down to a whole range of reasons that I haven't been on the ball with this site and my … Continue reading MARILLION WEEKEND MARCH 2019 & PROG IN THE PARK


THE NATIONAL Yesterday was a normal Sunday in the O’Neil household. We didn’t have anything planned or any reason to go out, so we let Nathan play with his Nintendo Switch for quite a while. The Nintendo Switch was part of Nathan’s Christmas and he really enjoys playing with it.  I enjoy gaming myself, I … Continue reading THE NATIONAL

A General Health Update – Results from CT and MRI scans in October& November 2018

This is my first VLOG for the One of Fifteen Campaign. So much has been happening with the campaign, Prog in the Park and my own health check ups. I also had a few CT and MRI scans. So I talk about this on this VLOG. I hope you enjoy this and let me know … Continue reading A General Health Update – Results from CT and MRI scans in October& November 2018


BEING A GUEST ON THE UK's ONLY MENTAL HEALTH AND GENERAL WELLBEING TV SHOW At 10:00pm tonight (Monday 3rd December 2018) I am appearing on; The Chrissy B Show. This is being shown on Sky Channel 191 (mytv). It will be repeated on Wednesday 5th December 2018 and again on Friday 7th December 2018. Both shows will … Continue reading THE CHRISSY B SHOW – TONIGHT AT 10PM


FIFTEEN TO ONE - ARTICLE FROM UNISON'S MEMBERS MAGAZINE - U I started working with UNISON in November 2003. For those who read this Blog from other countries around the world, UNISON is the UK's largest trade union. You will find UNISON members are employed across the public service's across the UK, and what a great … Continue reading UNISON -THE UK’s LARGEST TRADE UNION


MEET MY GOOD MATE KENNY I first meet Kenny Maclaren on my very first day of employment when I was working for UNISON, away back in November 2003. We were both Information Development Officer's and we were in the Policy and Information based at UNISON's Glasgow office. We became really good friends over the years … Continue reading MY FIRST GUEST BLOGGER

Just A Wee Update

Thank You Thank you so much to everyone that has recently either viewed this page, or liked it. I hope that you find my insight into living with an extremely rare cancer - Malignant Myopericytoma - and - Severe Chronic Pain interesting. I would also like to thank everyone that has liked this page and … Continue reading Just A Wee Update